When you retire, you have the option, if you wish, of continuing or resuming a professional activity: this is the combination of employment and retirement. In this way, it becomes possible to combine the income from this activity with your retirement pensions. Depending on the situation, the accumulation can be total or partial, however, it is no longer possible to complete your pension rights thanks to this new activity. Is the use of combined employment and retirement really essential to increase the amount of your pension?

In order to receive your basic pension, you must cease all salaried professional activity, but also non-salaried, then several conditions must be met. It is therefore mandatory to have obtained all your basic and supplementary pensions from pension schemes, whether French or foreign. It is also essential to have benefited from your basic pension from the Social Security pension insurance at the full rate.

For partial accumulation, other rules must be observed, but you must, in all cases, respect a period of six months before resuming an activity with your former employer between the termination of the contract and your admission to retirement. According to the current rules, all retirees from the General Scheme Retirement Insurance can resume or continue a professional activity, then combine their basic retirement pension and the income from this activity.

As part of the capped accumulation of your retirement and earned income, you can do so within a certain limit. You must therefore ensure that the monthly total of your new income and your pensions (basic and complementary) does not exceed the monthly average of your earned income for the last three calendar months.

If you exceed this threshold, the amount of your pension will be automatically reduced according to the excess. It is therefore important to be vigilant. For example, if the amount of your employment-retirement accumulation exceeds 300 euros, you will have a pension, which will also be deprived of this sum.

Thanks to the pension reform, the data will be modified around the accumulation of employment and retirement. Indeed, retirees who continue or resume an activity will be able to acquire additional rights in order to increase their pension. These changes will therefore bring new rights for retirees.

In this unprecedented context, retirees will have new periods included for the increase in their pension. The periods of insurance giving rise to contributions payable by the retiree in respect of the professional activity may thus be retained for a supplement which will take effect from 1 September 2023 at the earliest.