The Munich regional court II has sentenced six men for robbery in the district of Starnberg with a dead man to life imprisonment. Two accomplices waited in the car, got 13 years in prison. The Romanian men had invaded the retired couple in September of 2015, at his home in Seefeld, in the District of Meiling and robbed. Both were seriously injured, the 72-year-old man died.

The court under the chairmanship of Thomas Bott, the particular gravity of the guilt established for the six men who entered into the house. In order for early release from prison after 15 years legally possible, in practice, but as good as excluded.

The court saw it as proven that the men first beat the 72-year-old man while Smoking on the terrace, and then his sleeping wife in the evening. They locked both of them in a tiny broom closet – the man died right there on the side of his wife, could be released after 57 hours of seriously injured. She suffers physically and emotionally to the consequences of the act. The prey of the brutal fact had low value, it was about 5000 Euro.