As we mentioned in a previous article, certain measures planned for the pension reform law could see their entry into force postponed. Last week will have marked a turning point in this controversial bill. After the decision of the Constitutional Council to approve the text, Emmanuel Macron had signed the text published on the night of Saturday April 15, 2023 in the Official Journal of the French Republic.

If we rely on an internal document from the CNAV (National Old Age Insurance Fund) provided to our colleagues at RMC, certain points of the reform may not apply on September 1, 2023. An opinion obviously shared by the different unions who consider it illusory to apply the reform on the date initially planned.

Among these articles, is questioned the question of the revaluation of small pensions, for people who are already retired. The youngest retirees could receive this money promised by the candidate Macron from the end of this year 2023, while others will surely have to wait. The various calculations of each revaluation will take a long time and the calendar would project that some could receive their increase only in 2025.

Another hiccup for this measure would be that the oldest retirees would only receive their revaluation in September 2024. This is due to the lack of IT resources when they stopped working. Among those concerned, there are 800,000 retirees.

Last black spot of this upset calendar, the flagship measure of pension reform. The increase in the retirement age to 64 could be delayed due to the delay in the preparation of IT tools. Some organizations had however taken the lead in recruiting reinforcements to do so.