After long weeks of debate and waiting, the Constitutional Council finally validated the very controversial pension reform. In the process, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, very quickly chose to promulgate the law when he must address the French, this Monday, during a speech broadcast at 8 p.m. If anger continues to rumble, on the side of the French, what are the impacts of the pension reform on the legal retirement age? While many French people have in mind the threshold of 64 years, things turn out to be much more complicated in practice with no less than 9 legal ages to remember. Explanations.

The pension reform validated by the Constitutional Council will change a number of things for the French and their retirement, in particular the planned legal retirement age. While the communication around this widely rejected text has long highlighted the raising of the legal age of departure to 64, the reality suggests a small headache for the main concerned. Indeed, if the scale is set at 64 years, adjustments remain in certain cases, in particular disabled workers or the long career system.

Among the long list of measures validated by the Constitutional Council, the legal retirement age, raised to 64, is one of the most important. Yet, this important figure should be modified depending on particular situations and a set of factors to be determined. Thus, the adjustment of the long career scheme, widely discussed during the negotiations, will add other legal retirement ages for workers who started their professional activity young. In the case of employees subject to hardship criteria or disabled workers, other changes are also provided for in the text of the law. Discover, in our slideshow, the 9 legal retirement ages selected.