A long-term fight. The government’s timetable is accelerating on the subject of the pension reform, presented on January 10 by Elisabeth Borne and which arouses the anger of many French people and unions. The latter demonstrated again on Tuesday, January 31, bringing together 1.2 million people in the streets according to the government, more than 2 million according to the organizers. Two new days of strike are already planned for February 7 and 11, in the middle of the school holiday weekend for zone A and zone B.

On all fronts since the announcements in January, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne again mentioned the pension reform on the set of France 2 Thursday, February 2. Asked in the program L’Evènement, the tenant of Matignon mentioned an “indispensable” reform because protecting women and the health of workers. “After the reform, women will retire earlier than men,” she said, explaining: “We have a protective system, since it allows women to be able to reach 43 years of contributions, even when they raise children (…) You cannot say that women are the losers”.

With regard to hardship, Elisabeth Borne once again defended her text: “We are creating a new system in which we will identify the trades that generate professional wear and tear. We will do prevention on these trades. We will set up a medical examination at age 45 for professions exposed to these difficulties. From the age of 45, employees will be monitored and at age 61 there will be a medical examination which will make it possible to obtain early retirement at age 62 at a fixed rate. full, in case of physical problems”.

Asked about a possible forced passage of the reform, the Prime Minister indicated that her objective “is to find compromises” and that she did not envisage the hypothesis of 49.3. “A pension reform is a collective effort and it affects everyone (…) My responsibility is to tell the truth to the French. I tell them that it is essential to carry out a reform to preserve our system by distribution”.

If the Prime Minister does so much after-sales service for the reform, it is also because it is not necessarily clear for some French people. Hardship, long careers, incapacity… Many workers can always leave earlier, but at what age? In all, as noted by Capital, the pension reform contains 8 legal retirement ages. From 50 to 62, Planet is interested in 7 of them, one of which may concern you.