After five years of inactivity on the pension plan, the head of state has pledged to reform. This time, however, there is no longer any question of upsetting the very foundations of the model of intergenerational solidarity in France. On the contrary ! Emmanuel Macron now intends to adjust some of the parameters. Namely, as Planet has been able to explain in the past, it intends to gradually push back the legal retirement age to 65 and eliminate the special schemes that employees of certain specific companies can benefit from. What arouse the anger of the unions, underlines Capital on its site.

Such a project, our colleagues continue, will not be without making a certain number of losers. Who are they, exactly?

According to the monthly reference in economics, it is the workers who started working early and who could have legitimately asked for a surcharge on their pension who will be the most abused in the new system. They will lose most of the profit that they could theoretically have made without reform… if they are not even directly hit with a 10% penalty imposed by Agirc-Arrco. Cumulatively, over the three years covered by the penalty, this can represent thousands of euros lost.

Similarly, employees whose careers have been littered with accidents and therefore prove to be truncated would have everything to lose from such a reform. They risk suffering from a discount on the level of their pension even when they leave at 65…