Next Thursday, December 15, the presentation of the pension reform to the social partners is to take place. The consultations are coming to an end and the unions and the opposition are waiting for the presidential majority at the turn. As the fateful date approaches, Elisabeth Borne granted an exclusive interview to the Parisian on the subject.

The Prime Minister underlined the importance of this reform according to her. A growing public deficit that needs to be addressed is invoked, as well as the anxiety of the younger generation about future pensions. Elisabeth Borne also recalled the fear of the French in relation to their declining purchasing power. According to her, without pension reform, the purchasing power of retirees would be seriously endangered.

The head of government did not want to comment on the terms of presentation of the reform, stipulating that she was concentrating for the moment on the substance of the text. She therefore did not reveal the strategy that the Macron government is considering to pass the said reform… Will they go through a classic bill or an amending Social Security finance bill? This option would allow the potential invocation of Article 49, paragraph 3 of the Constitution.

Elisabeth Borne remains confident of the unanimous support of the majority, certain that all its members are aware of the importance of this reform: all of us are campaigning on this subject. Find below the major elements that suggest the main lines of the reform proposal that will be made on December 15.