With the decline in the legal retirement age, as well as the increase in the duration of insurance, the French are worried about the prospect of their next retirement. While the mobilization remains large in the population, the unions and the opposition in order to fight against a controversial reform, the executive has not revealed all the modifications provided for by the text. What changes have gone unnoticed yet?

The revolt rumbles in the streets of France with French people angry with the executive and a President of the Republic deaf to the expectations of his fellow citizens. After weeks of struggle, the hopes of many future retirees have vanished with the validation of the pension reform by the Constitutional Council and the rejection of the referendum of shared initiative launched by Nupes. However, no one seems to want to weaken and accept a pension reform rich in transformations, which will considerably impact future retirees.

In the text of the law provided for by the government, the changes are, in fact, numerous, with, of course, the decline in the legal age of departure, which goes from 62 to 64 years. The increase in the duration of insurance is also still on the agenda with a number of annuities required which amounts to 43 years. Among all these measures, some have still not been expressed by the executive, but they are indeed at the heart of this pension reform. Between a new system of acquisition for the quarters, a progressive retirement for civil servants and a 10% increase in the pension extended to the liberal professions, discover, in our slideshow, the 20 changes which have gone, for the moment, unnoticed.