finally, Bashir Abdi on Sunday, fifth place finish at the Chicago Marathon, one of the World Majors, and has done so with his own Belgian record of scherpergesteld. The But klokte 2u06:14. Earlier this year, Bashir Abdi, the Belgian’s record in London, 2u07:03 pm.

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Along with his workout partner, Sir Mo Farah, left A in Chicago with a gekkentempo, according to his standards, at least. As the two passed, in ten miles in 29:30, on schedule, to be subject to the 2u05 to go into hiding. After that, they were-unsurprisingly-a bit more heavy, mid-pass, she was in for A still fast-paced 1u02:54 pm.

In the second half of the race, it was, surprisingly, to especially She that it’s badly received, while in A second breath and found his mate in between miles 25 and 30, on-the-spot again. After 30 km was A two-seconds over Belgian recordschema, but after that, he went up to, we ended up with even less than for the BR course. With 2u06:14 and he improved his own world record time of 49 seconds.

in a new personal best pushes A on to the fourth place in the European ranking of all-time. The only European record holder, She (2u05:11) the Turk to Death Kigen Ozbilen (2u05:27), and I worked as a cabin belonging to sondre Moen (2u06:17) were doing more.

The lot, it was in Chicago, the Kenyan runner Lawrence Cherono in 2u05:45 pm. In second and third place went to the Ethiopians. Dejene Debela klokte 2u05:46, Asefa Mengstu 2u05:48 am. Mo Farah finished eighth in the 2u09:58 pm.