A champion who has not revealed all his secrets. In 2019, Paul El Kharrat took his first steps in Les 12 coups de midi on TF1, where he shone with his knowledge against Jean-Luc Reichmann. For nearly six months, the midday master attracted the sympathy of viewers and enjoyed growing notoriety on the small screen.

After his elimination and 691,522 euros in winnings, Paul published his autobiography My 153rd victory in 2020. This history and writing enthusiast presented his second opus Crimes and mysteries in Paris the following year. This year, the candidate with Asperger’s syndrome has chosen to reveal another facet of his personality with Welcome to my world, this October 12 at HarperCollins Editions. “Behind this facade smile hides an individual who suffers a lot every day,” says the 23-year-old from Grenoble.

By publishing this new work, Paul El Kharrat wishes “to show the extremely exhausting, dark and depressive reverse of my personality”, to the fans. However, the former noon master still takes pleasure in writing on a daily basis. “It’s one of my great passions. I make lists and I write a lot”. When his head is not in his books, the writer shines on television in Le club des invincibles, Fort Boyard on France 2, Les Traitres on M6 and on the radio in Les Grosses Têtes.

Thanks to this notoriety, Paul El Kharrat nurtures many other projects. “Maybe start by doing theatre”, slips the former champion. Already invited by Jean-Luc Reichmann on the set of his detective series Léo Mattei in 2020, the former master of noon tells us that he is passionate about comedy and “Shakespearean” tragedy, moreover. “I can’t wait to be able to practice because playing in historical films would be a kind of consecration”.

Nevertheless, the resident of the Big heads has a sense of priorities. “I will have to ask who to contact to do theater”, and to add with certainty. “I will wait, because my time will come”. Paul soon on the boards? The call is launched.