On July 15, 1990, Sébastien, the son of animator Patrick Sébastien, was the victim of a terrible road accident. While he was on the roads of Camargue, he died in a motorcycle accident when he was only 19 years old. The latter would also become the father of a daughter who will be born five months later.

In the book Sans Chaînes, written by journalists Marc Dolisi and François Darmagny, the ex-star of France Télévisions confided in the day of his disappearance. “The day my son had his motorbike accident, the cops told me on the phone: ‘Sir, you have to come to the morgue for the identification of the body.’ They weren’t sure it was him, because that they had found a kid next to a motorcycle, but there were no papers or anything that would have made it possible to identify him”, he explained in this interview. At that moment, Patrick Sébastien still had “the hope that his motorcycle had been stolen and that it wasn’t him. I asked the cop by telephone to describe the body to me. He replied: “It measures a about meter eighty. Brown hair. He has motorcycle boots and he wears a black leather jacket with an eagle on the back.

Patrick Sébastien, who is releasing his new book Living and Reborn Every Day, revealed to Here Paris that he bought a concession in Martel in order to be reunited with his son Sébastien. “I’m going to have my son’s body repatriated so that we can be together. Well, I won’t be able to put a little foam man on the cross, but here it is, my final resting place will be in Martel. It’s also a way to render a service to my city which has given me so much. My grave will make businesses work”.