The reduction was his first as a rookie with the Chiefs by over eight points.

“They were the better team now,” Mahomes said. “They beat us pretty good, the worst I believe I have been defeated in quite a while.

“They took our heavy stuff. They took the sidelines and they did a great job of rallying into the soccer and making tackles. We were not implementing ancient, had a couple of miscues. Men were not on precisely the exact same page. Charge to them. They played a hell of a match defensively and offensively to conquer us.”

He had been forced 29 occasions, a Super Bowl record, and Tampa Bay delivered additional pass-rushers on two of these plays. However, the 27 plays, the Buccaneers’ front controlled a Chiefs offensive lineup that has been missing four starters by the bunch Kansas City proposed on getting prior to the onset of the season.

His QBR of all 49.9 was the 2nd worst of his NFL career.

The Chiefs were outside of types like never before with Mahomes at quarterback.

“I just believe we weren’t on precisely the exact same webpage as a crime,” Mahomes said. “I was not getting out the ball in time. The recipients were running paths not exactly where I believed they were planning to be in. The offensive line, they had been great sometimes and occasionally they let men through. When you perform with a great defense like this, you have got to be on exactly the exact same webpage as a crime, and we weren’t now and that is why we played really awful.

“They’re just better than us”

Mahomes was coping with a toe injury which may require surgery soon. However, as he stated, he had no issue with the injury two weeks before from the Chiefs’ AFC Championship Game victory over the Buffalo Bills.

“I can not state the toe turned into a problem once I played two weeks back and that I played nicely on it,” he explained. “Anytime you play soccer, you must battle through accidents. We are going to look at it and we will make a last decision on if we are going to need to get surgery on it not”

The Chiefs, for the very first time in Mahomes’ period as their starting quarterback, have some soul-searching to perform in the conclusion of a year.

This reduction appeared to emerge out of nowhere.

“It hurts a whole lot. But we are going to continue to improve. We’ve got a young group of men that had a great deal of success and we all heard from this, but we have had a couple of failures and we need to learn from this.

“We can not let us. We must continue to have better going into next year and prepare to be in this sport . We understood it was not always likely to succeed and we weren’t likely to have the ability to acquire 1,000 championships in a row. We knew we were going to go through times such as that and hardship. I believe that the best thing about it’s that the guys we now have the leadership capacity to become better .”