Patrick Dewaere: who was the famous mother of the actor?


The actor Patrick Dewaere was one of the most talented French actors of his generation. Died tragically on July 16, 1982 at the age of 35, he left his loved ones in mourning, including his mother, a certain Madeleine Maurin, better known as Mado Maurin. The latter is not unknown to the general public, far from it. Like her son, she had made a name for herself as an actress from the 1950s. Patrick Dewaere had also made his debut alongside her at the Chaillot theater in the play Primerose.

From the 1970s, Mado Maurin appeared in several feature films including Viva la vie, Plein sud, Un si jolie village as well as in television dramas such as La Veuve rouge, Jean Moulin and Les Diablesses. In 2001, she even gave the reply to Laurent Baffie in his play Sex, Magouilles et Culture général e. A beautiful friendship that ended on December 7, 2013, the date of his disappearance.

In an interview with Figaro in 2013, Laurent Baffie had mentioned their complicity, she who considered him a member of his family. “Mado Maurin considered me a bit like a son. She kept, practically until the end, a lot of joie de vivre. I regularly heard from her. I had the project to make a documentary about her for her centenary. I think it made him happy,” he said.

A bond so strong that the actress did not hesitate to confide in her real son, Patrick Dewaere. “You know she believed in God a lot. Her faith was very strong. She talked a lot about her son. She thought that one day she would find Patrick and his other missing children,” he said and concluded on this subject: “She could quote Saint Paul. Me, as you know, I am an agnostic. I liked to provoke her on the subject. But she always reacted with humor”.