Patrick Carney of the Black Keys Speaks Out About Tour Cancellation and Management Split

Patrick Carney of the Black Keys has spoken out about feeling betrayed after the cancellation of their North American tour and their split from their management.

The Ohio-based group announced their “Players International Tour” in April, which was set to include 31 dates in the US and Canada from September to November of this year.

However, it was reported at the end of last month that all of the concerts had been abruptly canceled, with no explanation provided. Shortly after, following speculation that this decision was made due to low ticket sales, the members addressed the cancellation, stating that it had been scrapped and rescheduled in favor of smaller theatre venues, like the ones they played at during their recent European dates.

Now, the group’s drummer, Carney, has taken to social media to share his thoughts. “We got screwed,” he wrote in his first post on X in nearly a year.

“We got screwed. I’ll tell you all how to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Stay tuned.”
-Patrick Carney (@patrickcarney) June 10, 2024

“I’ll tell you all how to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Stay tuned,” he added.
In recent days, it has also been reported by Billboard that the group parted ways with their management team, Irving Azoff and Steve Moir of Full Stop Management, in what was described as an “amicable split.”

In other Black Keys news, the duo appeared on Later… With Jools Holland earlier this month to perform two songs from their latest album. One of them, “On The Game,” saw them collaborating with co-writer Noel Gallagher.

This happened just weeks after he joined them on stage during their London shows. The group invited the former Oasis musician to perform with them during the encore at the O2 Academy Brixton.

Prior to this, the Black Keys spoke to ZikNation last year and recalled their time working with the “amazing” songwriter in the studio.

“He’s hilarious and super talented,” Carney said. “We called him ‘The Chord Lord’ because he’s just a perfectionist in that area.”
The group’s 12th studio album, “Ohio Players,” which includes “On The Game,” was released on April 5. In a three-star review, ZikNation wrote, “It feels like it’s a matter of impact rather than depth, gathering flying elements into a homogeneous whole that resembles more last year’s ‘Dropout Boogie’ than any of the seven-inch singles that were released during the writing process. The Black Keys may have a great collection of records, but ‘Ohio Players’ is the work of a group that may be too talented for its own good.

Dan Auerbach, a member of the group, also appeared on Johnny Cash’s new song, “Spotlight,” released last week. The track features vocals from the country icon that were recorded for the first time in 1993, with Auerbach being one of the many musicians who added new parts to the recording to update it. The song will be featured on “Songwriter,” a full album of unreleased Cash songs, set to be released later this year.