The extraordinary destiny of certain celebrities is sometimes just a game of chance, encounters and luck. If talent is one of the undeniable common points of the stars we know, the fact remains that some of them benefited from what one could call “a stroke of luck”.Jean-Didier , author of the book Attirer la chance et lesuccess, published by the Lotus et l’éléphant editions at Hachette, has witnessed some atypical stories that have arisen in the lives of our French celebrities.

Like the singer Patrick Bruel who, before becoming the star of the hits Qui a le droit or Casser la voix, tried his luck as an actor in the late 1970s. “In 1978, Patrick Bruel came across a Casting announcement for Alexandre Arcady’s film Le coup de Sirocco. Wanting to make films and try his luck, he then presented himself at the audition”, explains Jean Didier.

Coincidence or not, during the casting, Patrick Bruel-Benguigui of his real name, does not find a place to sit. “Patrick then has only one solution left: close the door and stand facing the door in front of him. At the same time, this famous door opens, the casting director then falls in front of face with Patrick Bruel and asks him to come in for a test”. The future will prove the casting director right since the young budding actor will successfully follow other cinematographic projects before devoting himself fully to music.

Some more dramatic events can also be positive for a celebrity’s career. In 1965, singer Serge Lama had to recover from a terrible car accident in which his driver, the singer’s brother Enrico Macias, and his fiancée, Liliane Benelli, were killed. “His friend Marcel Gobineau then took him home for his convalescence. For years and after having come close to death, this man would forge Serge and give him the courage to become an artist with a capital “A”. Serge Lama will owe him everything , its resurrection as well as its success”, explains Jean-Didier.

In his misfortune, the artist will write one of the most moving and mythical songs of his musical repertoire.” During his very first Olympia, Serge will sing especially for him a song made just for him in order to pay tribute to him Only, this very personal song made just for one evening My friend my master will touch the public”, just like its famous title I am sick. “Even when it seems to you that all is lost, you must never give up,” concluded the author of the book.