Talented from father to son. Patrick Bruel is an artist recognized throughout France and even beyond its borders for his unique voice which thrilled an entire generation. At 63, he still continues to please his fans since his new album Again was released in November 2022.

But in his family, talent seems to be transmitted by genes since his son Léon Hesby also launches into music. At 17, the son of writer Amanda Sthers has announced the release of his first single named 1,2,3, scheduled for May 26, 2023.

As BFMTV noticed, on his Instagram account, the young artist who lives in the United States unveiled excerpts from his title and even presented another, Don’t let me down, which does not currently have no release date yet.

But in addition to music, Léon Hesby is also preparing to make his debut on the big screen. He will indeed star in the film The Promises, which is scheduled for release on August 3, 2023. Directed by his mother Amanda Sthers, this film has a four-star cast and the young actor was thus able to give the answer to big names in cinema such as Jean Reno or Kelly Reilly.

“Life, in general, never stops making promises that it then takes pleasure in not keeping. The unfinished love story between Alexander and Laura…”, explains the Synopsis unveiled by Allociné .

At only 17 years old, Léon Hesby already has one foot in the world of music and the other in the world of cinema.

In our slideshow, discover the excerpts revealed by the young singer on his Instagram account.