Bob, Sting, and The Sting as figurines of children, a cardiac pacemaker, is working. And, curiously, they are all created from the mind of Patricia and James, two members of staff from the university hospitals Leuven. “As Jonas was in the department and came to work, did I get it: this is a match made in heaven.”

In Belgium to get it every year for about twenty of the children with a pacemaker because their heart rate is too slow. If we have the information now might indicate to suit the needs of a child, in order for them to understand what’s going on, or so they thought, for the services of pediatric cardiology and cardiovascular diseases of the university hospitals of Leuven.

Patricia Poels and James Vermeulen’s got the green light to make a brochure and a short film in which two characters, Bob, Sting, and The Sting, trying to explain what a pacemaker does. “Just like your home, there is also the heart of several of the rooms. However, the chambers in your heart are not constructed in order to cook, play, sleep”, that is the start of the brochure, which are specially designed for children.

“I played it for quite a while now with the idea that in order for the communication to the children to have such devices available to make it. I had already made a number of drawings have been made, but that was in the cupboard, not used. To James, at the department and came to work. Pretty soon, I knew, this is a match made in heaven,” says registered nurse Patricia Poels, laughing.

Jonah is not only in the university hospitals of Leuven, and he also has experience as a director. “That experience came in handy in the making of our short film, in which James, the camera and mounting it on him. I stood in front of the sign and building, the two men tell them how a pacemaker is working right now,” she said. “Specifically, We wanted to provide a positive and bright story. And, I think, is that we’ve been able to. Take a look at the many positive responses, that is, after the launch of the film have been given.”