Patient advocate, is outraged – “the management of The Unispitals should resign,”The President of the Swiss Patients no good hair at the Director and at the hospital, President of the Council of the University hospital of Zurich.0 comment it was up to the patient advocate, Erika Ziltener, should come back to the hospital top.Keystone

The University hospital of Zurich (USZ) does not come to rest. At the beginning of hefty allegations against the head of the heart surgery were. The University hospital provides the Whistleblower in front of the door, which revealed the abuses. Now the patient activist Erika Ziltener criticized against the Swiss offshoot of the “time” of the Hospital, and calls for their resignation. A thorn in the side of the investigation report by the law firm Walder Wyss, which are intended to clarify the operations would have is Ziltener especially.

“I don’t know the firm, but if the report had been submitted to me, I would have rejected it as useless,” is their verdict. The authors of the report have given their Best, so Ziltener, but you don’t understand too much from the healthcare system and its laws.

“For me, this is a courtesy report.”

patient activist Erika Ziltener

The President of the Swiss Patient complains that the Patient had been severely compromised. In the above-mentioned investigation report, accused the head of the heart surgery to have a negative research results are fudged. The Hospital, however, comes to the conclusion that no patients had been compromised (read here the article in this newspaper). This looks Ziltener different.

“From my point of view, the Hospital comes to a wrong conclusion, if it is of the opinion, Professor Maisano (head of the heart surgery, note. the editorial team) conduct scientifically but are not medically wrong. For me, this is a courtesy report.”

Particularly serious is that the two top heads of the hospital would not carry out their responsibility. Ziltener do not have the impression that the hospital management wants the thing radically on the ground. “Your ultimate goal should be the Welfare of the patients. Instead, they are on the side of the offending Doctors. That’s so fatal.”

she comes to the conclusion that the University hospital would be served if the two men – the Director and the hospital, President-in-office – back would occur.


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