The American chip specialist Qualcomm has spoiled the American electronics group Apple the celebration mood, and precisely with the support of a German court. You can hardly believe it, but after the verdict on Thursday in Munich, the iPhone producer is planning to selling stop for two older models in the Shops here in Germany. And the pending appeal before the court; in a patent dispute, the two companies fight for months around the globe. How painful is the decision of the German justice is for the smartphone manufacturers really, can only be guessed at.

the fact is that it falls right in the middle of the high phase of the Christmas business in the midst of a time in which many customers stock up with a gift from the field of consumer electronics. In the industry, it is assumed that in the few remaining days until Christmas eve, two million Smartphones in total, will be sold in Germany. It is a market share of around 12 percent for the Californians, a quarter of a Million iPhones. In the case of all Reserved against this rough calculation and even if you subtract the new models that are allowed to sell the Americans A peaceful mood or even the celebration mood is likely to arise in the case of Apple.