He is a key member of the Fort Boyard family. Anthony Laborde plays the character of Passe-Muraille in the summer game presented by Olivier Minne on France 2. His role: to deliver messages from Father Fouras (Yann Le Gac) to the host to guide the team of candidates during their search for boyars for their association.

A native of Sarthe, the small artist was a thousand miles from a career in entertainment. “I was studying accounting and I was not destined to work on television,” he told the site Toutatélé.com in 2017. However, a very decisive meeting will change the life of Anthony Laborde.

During his youth, Anthony Laborde got to know André Bouchet (alias Passe-Partout, the bearer of the keys since his debut in 1990), during an evening organized in Paris by the Association for Small People. “We immediately liked each other,” explained the actor in the pages of Maine Libre. “The following year, he invited me to his wedding, and made me the promise to call on me if a place became available on the show”, according to comments relayed by Here.

And the interpreter of Passe-Partout kept his word. In 2000, Anthony Laborde was only 17 when he took his first steps at the famous Fort de Charente-Maritime. We first discover him in the foreign versions (English, Spanish or South Korean, for example) of the adventure game where he plays Passe-Temps (Alain Prévost in the French version until 2009). Then, in 2004, he became the famous character who accompanies the candidates between the tests before becoming, in 2011, the faithful messenger of the old sage of the fort.

“It’s always the same pleasure from the start. My role has evolved a lot and it allows you to do different things. In the end, the character pleases”, he admits to our colleagues. “The character is getting crazier and crazier, which is a bit like me.” Almost 20 years after his debut, how does Anthony Laborde make a living?

Each season, the actor Anthony Laborde settles for four months in Charente-Maritime for the preparation of Fort Boyard, from May until the end of August. “The filming of the nine shows only lasts a month, but I take the opportunity to then tour the campsites and supermarkets of Charente-Maritime”, he reveals in the pages of Sud-Ouest in 2023. But, how much does it bring him?

According to our colleagues from the daily newspaper, the forties would be paid up to 300 euros per freelance, per issue. “We are in these waters. After all, we are only intermittent performers”, specifies Olivier Minne’s sidekick. That is a sum of around 2,700 euros in total.

The rest of the year, Anthony Laborde evolves in the entertainment world. “I work in the world of magic with a magician based in Angers. I find my Passe Muraille character with costumes, jokes, magic tricks”, he explains to the site Toutatélé.com. “I play the comic assistant who does everything to make the magician miss the tricks without succeeding. We have a hundred shows throughout the year throughout France”. According to his Instagram presentation, he is a stage artist for Olivier le magicien and production manager for the event agency Oki-Prod.

On the private side, Anthony Laborde shares the life of his companion Gaëlle Dassy since 2009. Discreet about their relationship, the couple made rare secrets about their meeting. At the time, the artist was performing in a commercial gallery when he met this young 18-year-old fan.

“I was doing autographs with my friends from the Fort” confided the actor, invited in A whole story hosted by Sophie Davant, in 2014 on France 2. “During these events, I always have women who bring me their phone number […] And there, there is a girl who came back. We both looked at each other. Something happened. Love at first sight. statements relayed by Here.

After giving him his address, Anthony and Gaëlle met again and formalized their relationship. They are now the happy parents of a boy. A nice family portrait that the actor reveals on social networks.