Not just a nurse or a Truck driver missing in Germany: The shortage of skilled workers has reached the Santa Claus industry. Almost all of the job placements for the students would have set the placement of Christmas men, because hardly any candidates that wanted the Job, said the Deutsche Studentenwerk (DSW). “Only the students plant in Siegen has inquiries about its job placement a few,” said DSW spokesman Stefan Gross of the dpa. In Berlin was set after almost 70 years, the placement of student Santas. Thus it is gained as a raging Santa Claus or frenzied Christmas woman in a cut of € 500 on Christmas eve, said Jana You by the Student.

Private Santa Claus-a mediator will try to close the gap – there are numerous websites. Willi Dahmen from the lower Saxony Celle operates such an Agency and provides training for the young. He could use 30 or 40 performers, and more. “Many young people have no desire to work on the weekend or during the holidays,” says the 66-Year-old with the white beard, posing in the summer in the red coat and bobble hat for promotional shots.