French comedian Blanche Gardin refuses to participate in the show LOL: Qui rit, sort! broadcast on the Amazon platform. “Yeah, that bothers me,” she said in a scathing statement to the company’s wealthy owner, Jeff Bezos.

“Very dear Mr. Bezos,” began Blanche Gardin in a long post that went viral on social media.

The French comedian said he declined the invitation from the Amazon platform to participate in the fourth season of the game LOL: Who laughs comes out! for the “maddening sum” of 200,000 euros ($300,000).

“I also happen to be embarrassed (not to say downright painful) to be paid 200,000 euros for a day’s work,” she chanted. She denounced the practices of the company, “which does not pay its taxes in France”, which “emits 55.8 million tons of greenhouse gases per year”, which “uses labor Uyghur concentration camps” and “destroys petty trade jobs”.

” All this for what ? So that we can order cheap diapers from our sofa while scratching our balls. Yes, it bothers me, ”said Blanche Gardin.