At the start of the 2022 school year, several cities had already increased the price of parking vehicles. Some town halls have applied an increase of up to 21%. But it was only a step. Indeed, according to information collected by Le Parisien, some municipalities are already thinking again about increasing parking prices. Discover in our slideshow below the cities that will apply it soon.

This parking reform envisaged in several regions mainly targets one type of vehicle: the heaviest. Thus, SUV owners may have to pay more to park in the city. It concerns not only the residents of these metropolises, but also those who simply come to visit them. This project would make it possible to penalize people with vehicles that pollute a lot.

The Europe Ecologie Les Verts (EELV) party is carrying out this project to increase parking for vehicles criticized for their carbon footprint. But this measure is part of a larger fight against SUVs. Indeed, the latter represent 45% of global sales. Yet this big car doesn’t align with the government’s carbon emissions reduction target. Thus, a penalty had been introduced for the purchase of this type of vehicle.

Even more, the elected environmentalists of the Île-de-France region want the owners of SUV cars to pay, at the time of their purchase, a contribution to finance “in their own way public transport”, specifies our colleagues from Parisian. These projects carried out by elected officials from different cities could then be extended. Discover in our slideshow below the cities that are already considering the increase in parking rates.