Paris Rome Berlin and want to cryptomunt of the Facebook ban
Paris Rome Berlin and want to cryptomunt of the Facebook ban

France, Italy, and Germany are preparing a joint action for the cryptomunt on Facebook, and the Balance, to outlaw them in Europe. It reports to the minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire on Friday, on the sidelines of the meetings of the international monetary fund and the world Bank in Washington dc.

“The Balance is not allowed in Europe. We will take steps against the Italians and the Germans, for it is our sovereignty that is at stake,” said Le Maire in a press conference, more details about the measures in question. “It’s a political message that is important is” what it sounds like. The Balance would be for next year, we will be launching.

Le Maire particular, that the Balance will be linked to a basket of currencies. “This means that it will be enough that Facebook has decided to more or less dollars to have an impact on the exchange rate, and, therefore, is on the market, the industry and the countries that use the euro or the dollar as their currency. This will increase the efficiency of the states to influence the independence of monetary policy is likely to weaken. We want to be, that the conduct of monetary policy in the hands of a private company such as Facebook? My answer is a clear no.

The minister stressed, however, is not known to be resistant to the introduction of a public digital currency, which France, to co-operate within a European framework. “The proper response is not to have a private, digital currency, under the direction of one of the largest multinational corporations in the world, with 2.4 million customers.”

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