Compared to that Of The Stage (28) has been convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Shashia series of poker main event (20) from Heist-op-den-Berg. The girl’s parents react with relief. “There was a process to say that they may be naive it had been. I think it’s important that it be clear by now, it is established that the Shashia is nothing to reproach,” said her mother, after the end of the process, the ” Pokémonmoord’.

Shashia Series Of Poker Main Event. Photo: the flemish newspaper het nieuwsblad

From the Stage itself heard, and the verdict is seemingly unaffected by it. It was otherwise with the next of kin of the Shashia. That fell apart after the poor, saying that they are relieved to have the heavy-duty punishment. “Being naive? If they had, it was with a different girl and happened. It is now clear,” said the mother, from Shashia.

“He’s got Shashia in a brutal manner, the lives ruined and his attitude afterwards, bears witness to an evident lack of respect for the fundamental values of our society”, they said in the course of the reading of the statement of the panel of judges.

the Object to achieve its purpose”

“The strangulation gave him sexual pleasure without any regard for the victim, which is just an object that was made in order to achieve his goal.”

as a clean criminal record, and face the difficult situations Of the Race, that the attorneys were raised, have not been for a milder punishment is provided. He was never convicted, and have received, the investigation has revealed that it’s online and openly talked about the sadistic sexual fantasies. And his ex-girlfriend has testified at the trial that the Team is wurgseks with her, and the limits of the subject are not respected. In the absence of the parents, who took care of him and the situation with his grandparents who have him raised without a lot of affection to give, according to the judgment, “and contributed to the development of personality disorder”, but it is not the deciding factor.

part Of The Team and has Shashia strangled with a dog collar which he used during s & m party. He had taken her to his apartment and lured in with the Pokémon characters, therefore, in the case of the name of Pokémonmoord me. “And then, his ultimate sexual fantasy is to be able to experience the extreme pleasure of sex to the death”, ruled, Antwerp, jury on Friday. The story of a post-lovemaking session then threw the jury into the waste-paper basket for the “absolutely incredible.”

the empty words

Just in front of the jury, Friday, out, went, out Of The Race for the word. “I would like to once again apologize. I know that my words may be hollow, it will sound like in a family, but now I realize what my actions have caused.” The mother-of-Shashia rolled her eyes. Van Den Broek had made the whole process a long time, refused to say what was really up with her daughter’s story. He was no longer here.

The mother of a Shashia. (Photo: Jan Van der Perre

“What kind of sentence I will receive, I would like to be helped. So, I was better struggles”, he said, the accused is still at it.

more than He

But the Team is showing, according to the gerechtspsychiaters psychopathic traits. “Psychopathy is not adequately treatable, in the present state of medical science”, says the judgment. “It is even not recommended as a psychopath as a result of manipulation may be even more sophisticated would be able to make it.”

He got life plus fifteen years for the date of receipt of goods. The provision of the government is that the convicted person, after the expiration of his sentence, yet, for a certain period of time, under the guidance coming from the secretary of the ministry of Justice. In the event Of The Race is 15 years of age.

That is, it is more than that of Marc Dutroux at the time. He was awarded life imprisonment, 10 years to the date of receipt of goods.