Sint-Niklaas –

some parents of St Nicholas will risk four years in prison for the forced uithuwelijking of their daughter to a Moroccan man. The girl was taken by her parents, was burned and beaten when they refused to do. Her husband, randde to her.

the Nusra found himself left with no other choice than to flee the scene once they were in Morocco, and was married off to a man. An ‘escape’, which involved a lot of violence from her parents, said her lawyer on Tuesday that the court of first instance of Dendermonde. “That’s when they will be back in Belgium, she knew very well that they have no other choice anymore,” said the lawyer. “In the meantime, she had to be in Morocco for a contract to be signed. The man she married, it would be she knew not, and did not speak their language. She was raped and forced to do things she didn’t want to. When she made it clear to her parents that she is against the marriage as she was her mother, and burned with an iron. Her father beat her several times with her head up against the wall and punched his elbow in her back.”

the marriage Annulment is required

The public prosecutor’s office raised very heavily on the facts. Her parents were in prison sentences of three years and ten months and a fine of up to 10.400 euros will be charged. Her husband is a year and ten months in prison and a fine of 8.800 euros over the head with it. The public prosecutor asked for the annulment of the marriage. “The facts are very serious. The daughter is very, very clear that she does not have agreed to the marriage,” according to the prosecutor’s office.

the Master of Mounir Souidi, the legal representative of the parents, urged the court to order the girl in the court room to testify. Her mother said that she thinks that her daughter is sick. “We’ve been on it since it is have problems with her,” she said.

The court is on the 22nd of October, made a statement in the case.