(Fort Lauderdale) We don’t really know if the Panthers will win the second game of the final, Monday night at Sunrise, but in any case, they will be ready.

After Monday’s morning practice, a coach on skates could be seen walking around the locker room with his computer in the club’s locker room. This man is Jamie Kompon, one of the assistants to Paul Maurice, the head coach.

One by one, players from the club sat down with him, in front of their locker, to watch his video clips and to try to understand aspects of the game. Carter Verhaeghe, among others, had to spend around ten minutes with him, at less.

Maybe all this will help muzzle, once again, the big guns of the Edmonton Oilers, who were very quiet here during game number one on Saturday night. The Panthers took the opportunity to take a 1-0 lead in this Stanley Cup final series.

“It’s a challenge to face such a team, and for us to take on this challenge, it becomes a matter of pride,” noted defenseman Aaron Ekblad. The Oilers had chances to score in the first game, but Bob (goalie Sergei Bobrovsky) was huge, our forwards dropped back, and we were able to get the job done. »

According to Ekblad, this style of play is nothing new for the Panthers.

Players from both teams will then have a two-day break before game three, which will be presented Thursday evening in Edmonton. That means a very long flight to Alberta for both teams, but that doesn’t seem to worry Verhaeghe too much.

“It won’t be such a problem,” the striker said. “But before you think about that, there’s a game on Monday night!”