According to Philippe Clément, it is the pandoering at PSG is not down. Well, since Sunday, the wait for another big game, with the introduction of the Standard, and former coach, Michel Preud’homme.

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“After the match, the lads are disappointed, and that, too, and today we have a de-brief is held,” said Clement. “And let’s not forget that there are also a lot of good things happened in that game. For an hour we remained in the balance, we have high pressing, and myself played football. But we were playing against one of the best teams in Europe. And then, there’s still some amazing talent (Kylian Mbappé, ed.). in…”

Even in the absence of a number of experienced rot at the Club, played in accordance with Lenient with them. “Some of them are going to be rather light. The suspension of the Faculty has a negative effect, which we knew in advance. But, even in the absence of Mitrovic and Ricca guys with the required experience will weigh in. It is normal that you have such a match in the Champions League you can lose it. I want to be especially positive to remember.”

“De Ketelaere, take the right steps at the right time.”

with The debut of Charles De Ketelaere is on the highest level, for example. All of it was Clement, not surprised by his performance. “It was a confirmation of what he was in training to show. However, if it was cold, there was not a lot of change. This is a bit of a learning process. We all know his qualities and we know what we’re going to walk out with him. He is taking the right steps at the right time. This is why it’s nice that he’s now able to taste it.”

“I don’t think that is Michel, I still may surprise you”

Club Brugge 27/10 14:30 ” – Standard Click here to see some of the features on Sunday moved into a new topaffiche for the Club, playing against the first opponent is Standard. If a profit can be Exciting, with a match-up at the front desk are already six points ahead. An extra that is given to the match between Clement and Preud’homme, together, as a coach and an assistant when the Club is in 2016 will be the first title in the last eleven years of his career.

“I don’t think that is Michel, I still can be surprised. If the coaches are to each other, so hard to want to be friends, then you have your players confused, I think. All of this does not mean, that I knew in advance what the purpose of his Sunday. I have noticed in any case that a number of the boys, Thursday night of rest in Frankfurt am main.”

“in addition, going to the match just three points for me. With the ranking, I haven’t been working on it. The last time was in Ghent, our biggest competitor, now that seems to be the Standard. Maybe we will over the next few weeks, however, the biggest rival of another team. This will count now, not just yet. That’s it for the Play-offs. Now, I want to be in my team just continues to get better and to be more competitive here.”

finally, some Good news in the medical field this weekend could Clement the left Ricca is likely to recover. Also, Balanta is also ready for the extra minutes. The name of Mitrovic post is still a question mark. “On him we will, until Saturday, cut the knot”, she said.

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