Painful childhood, return to France 2 … The secrets of host Frédéric Lopez


He had become more and more discreet in recent years. Frédéric Lopez, flagship host of France Télévisions, had decided to distance himself after several years on the small screen. The Unexpected Parenthesis, Temporary Madness, A Thousand and One Lives… These are the programs that have made him one of the cult hosts of France 2.

However, a few years ago, the host had decided to stop everything, even his favorite show Rendez-vous in unknown land. “I had decided to hand over because saying goodbye to the people I met in Rendez-vous en terre unknown was no longer bearable for me emotionally”, he explained to TV Mag on October 20, 2022 and from add: “I really liked this break, it allowed me to do other things. I passed my teaching diploma in self-compassion in full consciousness (…) while continuing to produce Rendez-vous in an unknown land and Our unknown lands”.

As revealed by our colleagues, the 55-year-old host will soon make his comeback on television. “They told me that a box was free on Sunday afternoon with the departure of Michel Drucker on France 3,” he explained. He will present the program Un dimanche à la campagne on France 2. A concept close to the program La Parenthèse unexpected. “Three guests come to spend two days in a house in the countryside. Unvarnished and with great authenticity, they recount their successes as well as the difficult times”. The first guests of his show have also been revealed, they are the actresses Charlotte de Turckheim, Barbara Schulz and the singers Bigflo

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In 2016, Frédéric Lopez had made heartbreaking secrets about his childhood in the columns of the magazine Nous Deux. He revealed that his father “was only in denigration and beatings”. A few years ago, the host explained behind the scenes of his family situation. “I was not a wanted child. My mother gave birth to me at 16 in the greatest secrecy. My father went back to Morocco before returning when I was two years old to fulfill his duty. J I had the face of constraint”.

It was only at the age of 15 that his life changed after yet another argument with his father. “One day, between us, at 15, the violence went up a notch again, when a friend came up to interrupt us,” he explained and continued: “If he hadn’t intervened, I I don’t know what drama would have happened. (…) From that day on, I was never afraid of him again”.

In an interview with Télé Cable Sart on October 17, 2022, Frédéric Lopez spoke about his relationship with his parents, claiming to have taken a step back and calmed down. The former presenter of Rendez-vous in unknown land explained that he had “forgiven” his parents.

“I did ten years of therapy and ten years of personal development, I have more perspective on my childhood (…) What is crazy is that today I am very close to my parents “, he explained, My father, who is 80 years old and who I was very afraid of when I was a kid, is now the person who takes the most care of me on the planet.