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They have met fifty years since the June 4, 1970, the legendary right-hander Paco Way performed by the late rounder of the history of The Sales, when, in the running of the Charity, killed seven bulls, cut eight ears, and put “each one in his site”.

Since his retirement on his farm of Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila), the Way it evokes for Efe some memories of that late point in his career and that was one of the events most important in the history of bullfighting of the TWENTIETH century, that he had to of lesson of classicism and authority lidiadora .

The master Beds (Seville), who will turn 80 years old next month of December, explains that it was he himself who decided to fight solo that is run for Charity , always the more marked of the season, as a reaction to the problems I had had with the enterprises of the squares of Seville and Madrid.

“Not toreé or the April fair and San Isidro -remember Way – because we are not agreed neither in money nor in the signs . So, without being able to be at the fairs to further decide at all levels, I had to react quick and use the weapons they had. The idea was mine alone, no one I had to say what he had to do.”

Paco Way offered to fight for free to Leopoldo Matos , president of the then Provincial council of Madrid and organizer of the run, which “agreed to at the time”.

“The man was delighted, because the county Council and the hospitals in Madrid was to stop all the money from the box office, where you will put the poster there are no tickets, and also the tv rights, which was also a peak. So the Council went all round”.

When the great torero sevillano, dress of scarlet and gold, made the paseíllo that evening in Madrid, the fair of San Isidro had already recorded several and high-profile triumphs of the figures with which it then competed, as The Viti, Diego Puerta, but above all the Manuel Benítez “El Cordobés”, that had come to shoulders two days in a row after walking the eight ears of the four bulls that estoqueó.

Trail then considered that for this reason too, “was forced to react. There was a series of bullfighters very good that they did not forgive neither, and I had to defend my reputation. That effort that I was not motivated so much by keeping my cache but to defend my pride and my category professional”.

all in all, the master of the Beds ensures that came out to the ring calm and without pressure, because “I had been ten-year alternative and was in my full time, fully prepared. In the square, when to others, the water reached to the neck, to me it’s not covered me or the ankles. So, no pressure or milks. I just had to solve and show who I was as a toreador, nothing more.”

Nothing more and nothing less, because the Way he faced that June 4, to six bulls and hats of different farms and encastes, among them one of Miura -“not served”- and another of Pablo Romero, was finally returned to the pens for their lack of strength.

the Way they cut the two ears to the copies of Manuel Arran z -“that was the best and that I made the site more round”-, Carlos Urquijo and Juan Pedro Domecq, this as a substitute of Pablo Romero , and walked two appendices more than the owner of this last currency and Philip Bartholomew . And all in less than two hours.

“The truth -remember the teacher – it doesn’t make me tired at all, I was left a bit of everything. is Not me I saw aperreado in no time, and as I ran, I could still have killed three other bulls more quietly. But, if I’m honest, although it was a evening dream , in Madrid I did a lot of tasks significantly better than those before and after”.

Be that as it may, these eight ears cut in a single run are still a brand-unbeaten and unbeatable in the first place in the world and which bears the signature of a bullfighter who has in his record with up to twelve outputs to shoulders for your Big Door. That’s why it can afford, with all authority, to advise the bullfighters try to repeat his gesture.

“What’s most important to kill six bulls in Madrid -believes Paco Way – is to know how to keep cool the heart and the head to think well. Don’t make efforts any more, but to give each bull’s own, and fight always with the wrists , not on the legs. But above all it is very important not to bring anything prepared ahead of time, because it always ends up going wrong”.

When you look back, fifty years after the teacher is still feeling a great satisfaction with the undeniable success on an afternoon in which I played a lot and after that, remacha crafty, “gone are the nuances of the business.”