Why did you Volunteer?

Anna-Lena Niemann


F. A. Z.

Our Shops will be exclusively run by volunteers. We currently have nationwide the 3300 colleagues in 53 stores. They take donations, sort and price them, use the cash register and present the things in the Shop and the shop Windows. All volunteers have a particular area of competence, to contribute their Expertise. In addition, they shape the face of the organization, the colleagues often come from the neighborhood in which the Shop is located.

today, On the day of the open door in the store on Oeder Weg, you will want to look also young. Why is it problematic to find which one?

I would formulate it differently: We have, fortunately, no problems to attract Volunteers, our range is well accepted. But it is a normal course that a Team has between 50 and 90 colleagues in the pro Shop, changed. People go because you move or your family Situation changes. This fluctuation is normal, but we need a good base of volunteers, the operation in the Shops to maintain. If each only has to process, because too few people are in the Store, the fun of working very quickly.

search in Frankfurt, a city with a very high staff turnover, heavy?

I would deny it very clearly. It isn’t a city. We have many colleagues who are twenty years and longer with us, I think that’s great. I would like to mention a number of our current annual report. In the last year we have honored 754 Volunteers, on the whole, done 6500 years of volunteer work in our Shops. We are not fighting so that the people come and go. Rather, I observe a modified voluntary work culture among the Younger. In the case of those who are still in the orientation phase, in which still a lot of things, from studying to the life partner, changes. The desire to remain flexible, there’s more pronounced. Most of the time we feel but already in the first interview and the induction phase, whether or not it will fit and does anyone really desire to work.

What are your expectations for the volunteer?

at the Very top of team ability, the operation succeeds only with each other. You have to want to people, communicative and, above all, be reliable. We are relying on the fact that someone is complying with its layers of binding. Those who opt for a volunteer work in the stores, is committed to come once a week for five hours on a fixed day. It is not a flexible System, which allows it to decide what time I come and when not to. This is the structure of the organization, then we can’t work together.