Outside the New York Dem Convention, protesters shout “lock her up” in support of Hillary Clinton’s speech


Outside the Clinton speech, protestors in NYC chant “lock her up!”

Protesters in New York City shouted “lock her up!” outside the Empire State’s Democratic Convention, where Hillary Clinton was scheduled to speak.

Fox News Digital reporters captured the chants as Clinton entered the building Thursday afternoon to address the 2022 New York State Democratic Convention. This was amid controversy surrounding Special Counsel John Durham’s Russia origin probe.

“Lock her up!” Many protestors yelled. Another protestor holding signs called the revelations “Watergate 2.0.”
Protesters who gathered in front of the Sheraton Hotel in Big Apple chanted “no vaccination mandates” — similar to the one currently in New York City.

On Wednesday, Clinton responded to Durham’s latest filing by critiquing Fox News and former President Trump for “desperately spinning a fake scandal distracting from his real ones.”

In her first public reaction to Durham’s February 11 federal court filing that Fox News first reported Saturday, the former Democratic presidential nominee for 2016 tweeted Wednesday.

Clinton’s tweet was sent days after Durham’s filings. These fileds focused on possible conflicts of interest in relation to former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann’s representation. Sussmann has been charged with making false statements to a federal agent. Sussmann pleaded not guilty.

According to the indictment against Sussmann in September 2016, just two months before 2016’s election, he told James Baker, then-FBI General Counsel, that he wasn’t doing any work for any client when he requested. He presented “purported data” and “white papers” that allegedly showed a “covert communication channel” between Trump Organization and Alfa Bank. Alfa Bank has close ties with the Kremlin.
According to Durham’s February 11th filing, a section entitled “Factual Background” states that Sussmann had “assembled and transmitted the allegations to FBI on behalf at least two specific clients including a technology executive (Tech Executive1) at an American-based internet company (“Internet Company 1″) and the Clinton campaign.”

According to Durham’s filing, Sussmann’s billing records show that he was “repeatedly” billed the Clinton Campaign for work related to the Russian Bank-1 allegations.

Sussmann and his legal staff demanded Monday that the court “strike the “factual backgrounds” section of Durham’s filing. They claim it will “taint” the jury pool.