OUTFRONT Media and Bell Media Finalize Sale of OUTFRONT Media’s Canadian Business

OUTFRONT Media and Bell Media have officially completed the sale of OUTFRONT Media’s Canadian business. This transaction marks a significant milestone for both companies and will have a notable impact on the Canadian media landscape.

The sale was announced earlier this year and has now been successfully closed, with all necessary approvals and regulatory requirements met. OUTFRONT Media’s Canadian business will now be fully integrated into Bell Media, creating new opportunities for growth and expansion in the Canadian market.

This strategic move is expected to strengthen Bell Media’s position in the out-of-home advertising sector and enhance its overall portfolio of media assets. The acquisition of OUTFRONT Media’s Canadian business will also allow Bell Media to offer a wider range of advertising solutions to its clients and partners.

Overall, the closing of this sale represents a significant step forward for both OUTFRONT Media and Bell Media, as they continue to innovate and evolve in the ever-changing media industry. This partnership is poised to drive growth and success for both companies in the Canadian market.

Stay tuned for future developments and updates as OUTFRONT Media and Bell Media embark on this new chapter of collaboration and growth.