Out of stock this summer: the list of products concerned


Summer shortages follow one another. Since the beginning of the summer, more and more products have been out of stock, and some shelves in our supermarkets are emptying at high speed.

This reality influences the daily life of the French, in a period when inflation is already particularly high.

According to studies conducted by NielsenQ, a global specialist in data analysis, the stock-out rate over the past four weeks has reached 5.3%. For comparison, this figure stood at 4.1% in the same period in 2021, an increase of 1.2% in one year.

“These shelving shortages represent a gross shortfall of 3.8 billion euros in hypermarkets and supermarkets over a full year. Weather conditions, poor harvests, the Ukraine-Russia conflict and other production difficulties have significantly accelerated the shortages of certain products since the beginning of the year, and have undermined shelf availability in 2022” explains Fran├žois Laffontan, retail collaborative solutions consultant at NielsenIQ, in the columns of Figaro.

While some products are regularly out of stock, others are on the contrary more present than before on the shelves. Here are which ones:

Among the products that have disappeared from the shelves, some are usually very popular in summer and their stock shortages therefore directly influence the daily lives of the French. Find out what these products are in our slideshow.