From June 2019 to apply for two streets in Darmstadt, Germany, a Diesel-driving ban,to achieve the European limit value for nitrogen dioxide (NO2). For comparison, the administrative court of Wiesbaden announced on Wednesday. The German environmental aid (DUH) had reached an agreement in the dispute in order to Diesel-driving bans, for the first time with a state government out of court.

The air is the limit in Darmstadt, Germany for years on the hill road and Henry street to be exceeded. The driving bans, according to the DUH, and the ecological transport club Germany (VCD) 1. June 2019 to apply, the Ministry for the environment, speaking of mid-2019. The prohibitions apply to Diesel vehicles, up to and including Euro 5 and gasoline up to and including Euro 2. It should, however, also many exceptions. Retrofitted vehicles are not affected by the ban.The inner-city car traffic should be reduced by lanes be reduced.