As the summer period begins and the good weather returns, the war for the most beautiful garden is launched in the neighborhoods. Unfortunately some critters come to spoil the party. Lodging near your plants and devouring them, just like your flowers and your vegetables, it is sometimes very difficult to get rid of these insects. But don’t panic, we’ve got tips for you to scare away grubs, aphids, snails, caterpillars, slugs, and earwigs. All of them are natural. Find the list in our slideshow below.

While in some departments of French territory it is forbidden to water your garden under penalty of a fine, new critters are starting to reappear on our lawns, our vegetable gardens, and our flowers.

While some of them are sometimes useful for the cultivation of our flowers, as is the case for bees and butterflies, others are enemies of our garden. Nevertheless, for animal friends, hurting them to push them back to get rid of them remains unthinkable. That’s why we’ve compiled some natural tips for you that won’t harm either these critters or your garden. You can, for example, use essential oils so as not to attract animals near your vegetable garden or your plants. Indeed, just like food moths, the strong odors of essential oils repel insects from your exterior. The essential oils of bay leaf, eucalyptus, cinnamon, lemongrass, cedar and peppermint which are the most effective. To find out about our other tips, go directly to our slideshow.