The tax authorities have for the first time, insight to the amount of money that the event has on foreign accounts alone. The messages of The tijd and L’echo on Saturday. According to figures published by Finance minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD), the tax authorities, of the 87 countries in less than 1,385 million for information on the year of 2017.

as for The Belgians, about whom information is binnengestroomd, were together for about a 173,8 billion euros in foreign accounts, to be. What exactly are the Belgians, who, at the 173-billion-euro stand up, do the tax authorities have to say.

That amount of money not only on the interest rate on savings accounts. “We have to get the info about the ‘financial statements’, which is a very broad term,” says Francis Adyns, the spokesman of the government. “That’s going to change in the foreign holdings of deposit accounts, bewaarnemingsrekeningen, share, and schuldbelangen in certain investment entities, insurance contracts with a cash value, and lijfrentecontracten.”

(279 billion euros on the Belgian accounts

In all, the total amount of 173 billion euro to be able to duplicate entries, because for each and every account holder, a separate data has passed, and more people are the owners of the same account. However, according to The times to make a lot of money, compared with the 279 billion euros in Belgian savings accounts.