Ottmar Hitzfeld was never like Reiner Calmund. This is of course physically, because of the approximately 1.76 meters big and still very lean Hitzfeld could probably hide twice behind someone like Calmund. Hitzfeld could but also in the organization of its 70. Birthday this Saturday, can hardly be more different. He celebrates pompous as Calmund at the end of November in an amusement Park in Cologne, Germany. “I say no”, says the former success coach. He has only invited his family. “Most likely we will celebrate in peace and quiet in Engelberg in the Swiss Alps.”

According to Hitzfeld was never. A Gentleman, as he was known during his long career as a Trainer on several occasions. Hitzfeld is remained also in the upscale age. He would celebrate with a three-digit guest list, as the former Manager of heavyweight Calmund, “you can’t talk with anyone. Some of them are coming over and you have nothing of them,“ says Hitzfeld. You should not be confused with, that he wants to make it all legal.

Hitzfeld is sitting in a chair in the Lobby of a hotel in Basel. About ten kilometers away from here he was born, in baden-württemberg, Lörrach, he also lives now with his wife Beate. About four years ago, it is now that he has ended after the 2014 world Cup in Brazil as the national coach of Switzerland, his career. He is now often in Lörrach shopping, his wife writes him a list, he says. And how the everyday life is otherwise so? “As in the case of a pensioner who gets up in the morning and the newspaper buys.”


In all the years since the summer of 2014, he has never succumbed to the temptation of his retired life. His former club Borussia Dortmund have had in the sporting crisis about a year ago, all of a sudden, Hitzfeld told this already a few times. But unlike, for instance, Jupp Heynckes has Hitzfeld never persuade. “I’ve made up my mind that it is final. That no matter what offer comes, I will not be a coach,“ he says. Nevertheless, requests from all over the world even now still in.

Michael Henke believes his former boss Hitzfeld could argue, even today as a coach international. “If he had the Power and the desire, would Ottmar will work in any club in the world –ichfelsenfest am convinced,” he said of the sports buzzer.Henke was over twelve years as Hitzfeld’s assistant.”We have accepted our authorities always have each other. For me, it was clear that he always hits the last decision, but we had no secrets from each other, there was practically no taboos“, said Henke superheating field. Only from his Burnout Hitzfeld told him to his decision. “No, he is not at all to say. He has me stop after the Champions League victory with the BVBinformiert that he is, because he is burned out.“

There are not so many pensioners, who have two Champions League victories and a number of other titles in your Vita. However, Hitzfeld is also a highly lucrative offers from the far East, not to impress. “He is an incredibly disciplined person,” says his long-time companion and friend, Michael Meier. As a former BVB Manager Meier has brought the then-42-year-old Hitzfeld of the Grasshoppers of Zurich to Dortmund and give him the way to an extraordinary career paved.