More connected than Oral-B Series 10, you brush your teeth with a computer. And it costs almost as much as some entry-level computers with its intelligent WiFi charger base, its small color screen, its silent operation which indicates the right pressure to apply. You can not stop progress.

Let’s forget for a moment the staggering price of the Oral-B iO Series 10 toothbrush, we’ll come back to that. Let’s first see what this brand new toothbrush can do, which essentially incorporates the characteristics of the Oral-B iO range. We are dealing here with toothbrushes that connect via Bluetooth to your phone, which receives all the statistics in the Oral-B application to give a score to your brushing habits. This is also where you can configure several parameters, including the brushing time, which is two minutes by default but which can vary between one and four minutes.

On the iO Series 10 toothbrush, we have a small color screen about 2 cm high and a button that allows you to select one of the seven brushing modes. You can choose between the “Clean” mode, which is the basic daily cleaning, “Gentle” for sensitive gums, “Whiteness”, “Gum care”, “Intense cleanliness”, “Extra Gentle” and “Tongue cleanliness”. “.

The big new feature of the Series 10 is its WiFi base. This magnetic base is used to recharge the toothbrush in three short hours. It has a small screen on the front where the time is displayed and, when you start brushing, the seconds count down to reach the regulatory two minutes.

That’s not all. On the top of the base the progress during brushing is also displayed, in a circle of light divided into six segments which gradually fills. All this information is received from the toothbrush, which connects without fail to its base much more reliably than with the phone, and sent by WiFi to the Oral-B application.

When you start it, the iO Series 10 toothbrush displays a light ring of a color you choose. The countdown begins on its small screen, at the same time as on the base. Every 20 seconds, if you have chosen a total brushing time of two minutes, the toothbrush stops briefly and starts again. After two minutes, the stop is more marked.

While brushing, the light ring indicates the quality of the pressure. Green, we are doing things well, red, we are applying too much pressure. We note in passing that the noise emitted by our Series 10 is much more discreet than with older models, which Oral-B explains by its “microvibration technology”.

And now the big question: does the Series 10 clean better than another electric toothbrush or a good old manual brush? Sorry, we won’t settle the debate here, as opinions vary widely from expert to expert. Oral-B, obviously, supports the superiority of electric brushing and more particularly that of its latest model. Our dentists consulted for years are not so categorical.

The iOS Series 10 comes with its travel case, which also doubles as a charger. We also have a brush holder and three replacement brush heads exclusive to the iO range. A valuable gift, considering that these brush heads can cost up to $53 each and theoretically need to be changed every three months.

This is where we enter the information that will make many people scream: this brush-base set costs a whopping $499.99. We of course recognize at Oral-B that “the price is quite steep” and we suggest more affordable tech models like the iO Series 5, available in certain stores as of December 11 at the price of $109.97. Without the intelligent base, obviously.

This base, in fact, must be plugged in. However, the room with the fewest electrical outlets is probably the bathroom. It’s not always easy to find the right place to place it. In our very particular case, a house built in 1951, there is simply no electrical outlet in this room.

The little jolt of the toothbrush every 20 seconds, then more marked at the end of brushing, is very discreet. We often missed it. The division into six segments, rather than eight as is usually the case, also seems curious to us.

This is not where we will advise the reader to purchase a $500 toothbrush. It all depends on the depth of your pockets, your interest in these smart toothbrushes, your belief that they are significantly more effective. One thing is certain, in one month, our iO Series 10 proved to be reliable, its software aspect developed and its technological flourishes rather amusing.

Our recommendation ends here.