Model, journalist, presenter, Ophélie Meunier has many talents. Born on December 17, 1987, Ophélie Meunier was spotted at a very young age and posed for La Redoute and Les 3 Suisses when she was still a teenager. After obtaining her baccalaureate, she decided to focus on modeling and traveled all over the world for the needs of her career.

However, at the age of 23, she decided to change paths and resumed studies. The young model enrolls in a school of journalism. She quickly obtained an internship as an assistant presenter at the continuous news channel iTélé.

But her career really began in 2013, when she got a job on the Canal channel. She thus joins the Petit Journal team, presented by Yann Barthès, in which she presents the column of La minute Pop.

From that moment, the young columnist obtained a certain notoriety with the French public. She will also try to become the new miss weather of the encrypted channel, but will not finally get the job. She left Le Petit Journal all the same but remained on Canal and presented a news column in the program La Nouvelle Edition.

Two years later, in 2016, she announced her departure from the channel. But she did not remain jobless for long, since she quickly obtained a prestigious position on M6 and became the new presenter of Forbidden Zone but also Xavier de Moulins’ Joker for the presentation of 19.45.

Over the years, Ophélie Meunier has evolved a lot physically. Discover, in photos, his sublime physical metamorphosis over the years.