In an emotional letter to more than a hundred deputies of the EU Parliament have asked the British to stay in the EU. “We ask you to reconsider in the interest of the next Generation of leakage”, – stated in the draft letter, to be published at the beginning of the week in the UK. “Every British decision to stay in the EU, would be welcomed by us and we would work with you to reform the European Union and to improve it”, cited the Funke media group in the Letter. “We have appreciated the enormous influence of the British politicians and citizens in the past 40 years. We would miss the exceptional Know-how of our British colleagues.“

the co-signatories Peter Liese (CDU), said the spark-Newspapers: “We want to send a signal to the population and, therefore, to the house of Commons, and make it clear: If the British decide, you are welcome.” The Deputy from North Rhine-Westphalia, added: “Our hearts and our doors are open.” Some of the “little things” would have to be changed in such a case, said Liese. But that would be negligible compared to the “huge Loss””, in the case of a Brexit, and particularly to an unregulated outlet.

The British Parliament is set to vote on Tuesday in a historic vote in the Brexit-the agreement between London and Brussels. A rejection is considered very likely. The British Prime Minister, Theresa May warns in the case an unregulated EU threat at the end of March-the outlet, with serious consequences for the economy – or no Brexit.