A new soap opera to discover tonight. TF1 broadcasts this Thursday, December 8 Open-heart investigation at 9:10 p.m. A Franco-Belgian fiction, composed of six episodes, directed by Franck Van Passel, in which we find the actress Claire Keim on the screen. Before discovering the first episodes, Planet lists the information you need to know about the soap opera.

The plot of the drama series Open-hearted investigation? We follow the story of Florence, a wife and mother waiting for a heart transplant. Resigned to her fate, the young woman receives a miracle call and obtains a heart. However, an incredible mystery hovers around this operation which will change his life.

“Following a heart transplant, Florence opens up to the painful identity questions of her adopted daughter, Zoé, discovering that her donor, Ana, was also an adopted child”, we learn in the synopsis. “Determined with Simon, Ana’s father, to elucidate the reasons for her mysterious death, Florence hopes that understanding Ana’s tragic destiny will help her save her own daughter in the midst of a teenage crisis”.

For her interpreter Claire Keim, “this transplant will cause flashes, visions and an avalanche of questions in her”, she explains in Télé 7 Jours. The series also evokes the link between the donor and the recipient of an organ. “When you live with another’s heart, it’s hard not to ask questions about the donor. How was he? How did he live?” she asks our colleagues. Here is who plays the role of Ana, Florence’s organ donor in the series.

In the casting of the Open Heart Investigation series, actress Claire Keim plays opposite Pierre-François Martin-Laval, who plays her husband Vincent. Their adopted daughter Zoé is played by Jessyrielle Massengo (seen in Alice Nevers). As for the organ donor Ana, she is played by actress Lyn Van Royen. Victim of a mysterious car accident, her father Simon (played by Kevin Janssen) will investigate with Florence to find out the truth.

At the heart of TF1’s fiction, other stars share the bill in secondary roles. The public finds in particular stars such as Brigitte Fossey, Alain Doutey, Carole Bianic, Isabelle Renault, Boris Van Severen or even Héloïse Martin and Clément Manuel. Before filming in the series, the actress wanted to pay tribute to one of her friends who lived through this ordeal. A star who died last July…

For Claire Keim, the role of Florence in Open Heart Investigation is an opportunity to pay tribute to actress Charlotte Valandrey, who died on July 13 at the age of 53. Heart transplanted three times, the famous actress had not survived her third transplant.

“We never toured together, but we were friends. Every time we met, we had very healthy, very pure conversations. She had such a love for life,” said actress Claire Keim in the pages of Télé 7 Jours. “We recognized each other. We call that elective affinities. Today, I don’t have the impression that she is gone at all”. A guardian angel who now watches over the actress, back on your screens every Thursday evening on TF1.