The oil-producing countries organization, Opec, has agreed with the allies Opec countries, including Russia (“Opec+”) to a throttling of the Oil production. For motorists and consumers of other Oil-finished products, it could be due to the lower quantity of raw material in future, therefore, more expensive.

As the Iranian oil Minister bids Chan Namdar Sanganeh on Friday in Vienna, Iranian state television said, want to promote the 25 cooperating member States in the future, 1,2 million barrels (each 159 litres) of Oil per day less. In 800,000 barrels was attributable to the 15 Opec countries, and the remaining 400,000 to the allies. Also, the Iraqi oil Minister Thamer Abbas al-Ghadhban, and another, not-mentioned source from the Opec-environment were identical.

The agreement follows hour-long discussions in advance – especially between Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Non-Opec state, Russia there was Reportedly a lot to talk about. On Thursday, representatives of the 15 Opec Nations had proclaimed taken to negotiations, but no results yet. Iran is excluded because of the American sanctions of the reduction plans.

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Since the beginning of October, the price of Oil is down nearly 30 percent decline. Already the first rumors about a unification of the “Opec+” provided for a significant increase. A Barrel of North sea Brent hit on Friday afternoon 63,04 dollars, were $ 2.98, more than on Thursday. At the beginning of October the price for a Barrel of Brent crude had located temporarily at more than $ 85.