finally, On the third match day of the Champions League, suffering, Filou Ostend (belgium) in group A, on the Italian island of Sardinia, with a 90-71 defeat at Sardinia. Brussels won the Belgian duel in the FIBA Europe Cup in Charleroi, and after the extensions. In the vrouwenbasket were Liège and Namur with heavy defeats in the EuroCup.

Italians are too strong to Ostend (belgium) in the Champions League

The Italian Dinamo Sassari last season, the winner of the FIBA Europe Cup, it turned out to be more than just a bit too strong to Ostend, that it was unable to benefit from Mwema (lack of wear). To the 11 and 12 were Djordjevic (8 points, 2 assists), and Sylla (10 points, 7 rebounds), Ostend in the race. Of 21-15 tore the Italians apart at 32-17. Early in the second quarter are responded to Ostend to 34-27. But in Sardinia, and that He dispossessions bought afstrafte in depth by 43-27 with a new gap of. The mid leading Sardinia’s spacious with a 51-35. When the Ostend (belgium) in the fourth wedstrijdschuifje hoped to make a difference (69-58), under ten units, then push driepunterden by the Italians, by 75-58, to be a man in his twenties, at 81-60. The signal held by the Italians in 90-71 nineteen pieces left over (rpo).

OSTEND : (29 to 68, 7, 22 triples, 6 to 17 vrijworpen, 26 errors), ANGOLA, 3 TO 6, DJORDJEVIC 8-0, THOMPSON 4-11, COMPARISON of 0 AND 3, SYLLA 8-2, Shakespeare, 2 To 5, Schwartz 6-3, Desiron 0 To 2, Buysschaert 2-0 of the Fire is 2 to 4.

THE QUARTZ : 32-17, 19-16, 16-18, 23-18.

the Brussels, cites the following extensions from brussels south Charleroi airport in the FIBA Europe Cup:

in Brussels on Wednesday, his first thuiszege accounted for in the FIBA Europe Cup, the mannenbasket. On the second day, they took the extra time with a 104-101 from Spirou Charleroi. Both teams are counting one defeat and one victory.

Next week, on Wednesday, to receive in Brussels for the Turkish Pinar Karsiyaka, while Charleroi, in the Dutch Donar Groningen, on the floor, on the third day. The top two from each group will punch through to the next round.

Liege and Namur are losing heavily at arms vrouwenbasket

the Names, and the casino Wednesday night on the final weekend of the Eurocup, the vrouwenbasket with heavy defeats away.

the Names are going in a group G with a 75-44 to wriggle out of it against Valencia, while the Panthers are in group J with a 90-51 with a solid bang from Roche Vendée Basket Club in france, La Roche-sur-Yon.

the two teams, it was the third defeat in as many matches. The following week it will play the Names against Olympiakos and Liege, at Carolo Basket. The top eight from each group to punch through to the next round.

for More on the Brussels Basket and the Second uitzege in a row, the Euromillions League for the Mountains, and after derbywinst in Charleroi, Euromillions Basketball League, known as the Brussels were in the first match against royal Antwerp, only slotkwart Surprised at Limburg United, once again in the semi-finals of the play-off basketball? Ostend, Antwerp, and Brussels, continue to be error-free on the 34th day, at the EuroMillions Basketball League