Online purchases: consumer protection reinforced from this Saturday, May 28


Your online purchases are now more secure. A decree dating from March 25 comes into effect this Saturday, May 28, and reinforces consumer protection. It comes after the new security standards for payments put in place last May. A European directive had imposed on professionals the establishment of a security system during online payments, with strong authentication. This is why, as Capital reminds us, the European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) now requires banking institutions to validate a transaction with two distinct factors, instead of one. Because, if shopping on the Internet has become a common reflex for many French people, fraud is possible.

Thus, to strongly identify themselves, three possibilities are offered to bank customers: the use of the mobile banking application, the sending of an SMS indicating a confirmation code, or the provision of a physical box equipped with a keyboard for entering the confirmation code.

This measure, which now secures 97% of active cardholders, has made it possible to reduce fraud on this type of transaction by more than 14%, between 2020 and 2021, indicated the Banque de France in its observatory published on February 3. .

As cross-border transactions continue to soar, these new obligations must protect consumers. They should, among other things, limit delivery problems, false promotions or false reviews, or even attempted scams.

Here are in detail, the new rules listed by the French administration and applicable from this Saturday, in the slideshow below.