In soup, in a gratin or in a pie, the onion can be prepared in a thousand different ways. It is because this bulb of the Liliaceae family has been cultivated since antiquity. Indeed, according to the website Fresh fruits and vegetables, the first traces of its production are found in Mesopotamia. In addition, if it is appreciated for its taste qualities, the onion also has very interesting nutritional qualities. It is rich in fiber and potassium.

However, the latter has an annoying tendency to want to germinate. This process, “germination” is natural, says Maison

Although they are quite edible in this bulb, the sprouts may not be appreciated. So to allow their conservation longer without seeing this phenomenon, Planet has produced the slideshow below. It lists 5 tips to prevent them from sprouting. However, this principle should not be extended to the potato, because these germs can cause pain, cramps and stomach aches.

In addition, a small precaution is to be taken when the onions are in our shopping cart at the supermarket and then in our baskets. It is better to exclude from other onions those that are or at least seem damaged, at the risk of seeing all the bulbs deteriorate and rot.