One Piece 25th Anniversary Commemorated with New Uniqlo T-shirt Collection

Uniqlo has unveiled a special line of T-shirts celebrating the 25th anniversary of the popular anime series One Piece. The collection features eight unique designs that highlight key moments and characters from the beloved storyline.

The designs include themes such as “Determination,” “Friends,” “Captain Strength,” “The Loss,” “Reunion,” “Alliance,” “Emperor,” and “New Chapter,” each capturing a different emotional aspect of the series. From Luffy’s declaration to become the king of the pirates to the alliance between Luffy and Law, the shirts pay homage to the iconic moments in One Piece history.

Priced at 1,500 yen (S$9.70), the T-shirts will be available in a range of sizes for men and will go on sale starting July 22 at Uniqlo stores and online. Fans of the series can look forward to adding these unique pieces to their collection and showcasing their love for One Piece in style.