In Knokke-Heist, belgium –

The brown shrike is a Friday and be spotted in order to sign-Natuurpunt, on Monday. This is the first time that the bird is being seen in Belgium.

as of Friday, have, watchers and it Was He, and Geert Carette, a brown shrike was discovered in the Sea. This brings the total number of species of birds from Belgium were found at 452.

The species is native to Eastern Asia. In 1985, for the first time, a copy was discovered in Europe, more precisely in the united Kingdom. Later, the bird was also noted in other European countries, such as Germany, Denmark, spain, France, germany, Ireland, Italy, luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

In the Netherlands, was able to type up to four times, to be noticed, for the first time in January 2014 at the latest, and the last two times this month. Also, in France and in Sweden, it was the kind of point of view, and in North America this year, for the first time, to speak of.

It is not the first time the rare bird species for over a month, it was established in Belgium. On the coast, and could, for example, a izabeltapuit, Siberian sprinkhaanzanger a roodoogvireo and Daurische or Turkestaanse shrike noted, it will be.

now, as to Why these types of, in Belgium, to be seen, it is not entirely clear, but according to Natuurpunt, it is not surprising, therefore, that they are in the coastal areas to be explored. The North sea is a natural barrier, which is the most birds do not like flying, and it is in the area of the harbour lit up at night, in bright light, the birds, and put it on.