Significant Events that Happened on June 9th – A Historical Almanac

Today marks June 9th, the 161st day of the year 2024 with 205 days remaining. Here are some of the notable events and individuals associated with this date:

– French navigator Jacques Cartier discovered the St. Lawrence River in present-day Quebec in 1534.
– Donald Duck made his first screen appearance in “The Wise Little Hen” in 1934.
– Secretariat won the Belmont Stakes in 1973, completing the Triple Crown.
– Laverne Cox became the first transgender person to appear on the cover of Time in 2014.
– Justify won the Belmont Stakes in 2018, achieving the Triple Crown.
– Ali Stroker became the first actor who uses a wheelchair to win a Tony Award in 2019.

These are just a few of the significant events that have taken place on June 9th throughout history. It is a day to remember remarkable achievements and milestones across various fields. Let us reflect on these moments and the impact they have had on our world.