On the 24th of July departure of the Regatta Lisbon Andalusia Ceuta
On the 24th of July departure of the Regatta Lisbon Andalusia Ceuta

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The Voyage from Lisbon to Andalusia-Ceuta will be held in 22 days, from Friday 24 July to 15 August, with the Portuguese capital as a port of departure and arrival, as was announced today by the minister of public works, Infrastructure and spatial Planning, Marifrán Carazo.

this Is a test that is part of the commemorative events of the 500 years of the First Circumnavigation that will take until the year 2022, as explained by Carazo with the director general of the Public Agency Ports of Andalusia (APPA), Rafael Merino.

in Addition to Lisbon, we will visit the ports of Portimao, Punta Umbria, Mazagon, Chipiona, Rota, Barbate, Ceuta, Port America, Ayamonte and Culatra.

On the day of August 9, coinciding with the stay of the vessels in Port, America, in the city of Cádiz, the boats participating in the cruise will be accompanied to the school ship Juan Sebastian Elcano in its departure from the port of the capital of cadiz.

Marifrán Carazo has stressed that the agency will provide moorings free of charge during the cruise in the ports directly managed by APPA to make it more attractive to event ·which will be translated in business activity and hospitality on the ports that are involved, thus boosting the recovery of tourism and economic of these port areas·.

The cruise will take place on the 27th day of July in the puerto deportivo de Punta Umbría, to do it two days later in the puerto deportivo de Mazagón; on the 30th of the same month in the puerto deportivo de Chipiona; the 1 of August in the Rota; the 2 in Barbate and, after passing through the port facilities of the city of Ceuta, on the 6th of August will return to the marina of Barbate to continue the day towards Puerto America, in the capital of cadiz.

finally, before you travel to Portugal, on 11 and 12 August the participants moor c in the marina of Ayamonte.

The participants will be able to attend the different events and visits that the organization has prepared in the different localities in which are located the ports so that sailors are familiar with our sports facilities and their environment as a place to enjoy and visit.

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